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Felicia Jin


It is with great pleasure to be the President of the Young Chinese Professionals Association ("YCPA") for the 2023-2024 mandate. 

Having myself experienced the ups and downs of the pandemic, I recognize the variety of consequences it had, specifically on young professionals. I hold dearly the objective of ensuring the well-being of young professionals. I am committed to see them thrive in their professional and personal lives. Additionally, we are collectively experiencing economic, political, and environmental instabilities with an increase polarization in public opinions. More than ever, showing compassion and staying united with others in their hardships is important. 

My mandate as President will be focused on delivering a membership offer which meets the needs of young professionals. Our value proposition will consider the work-from-home policies currently in place with various employers, including the imposition of mandatory in-person working days, the movement of the business community to experience in person events, the new parameters of work life balance and flexible schedules, and the raising costs of living. We will value the creation of authentic connections with all members, including those newly arrived in the workforce during the pandemic and prioritize the reinstatement of our mentorship program. 

Building on the work of my predecessors, we will continue to propel the future generations of leaders in our community. We will offer strong and relevant professional training to our members by preparing our members to assume leadership roles in their organization and in their industry. We will encourage our members to lead initiatives with their employers and with their businesses promoting young professionals.

The YCPA will stand strong in its mission to as the voice of young professionals. To this end,  the YCPA will actively monitor initiatives from governmental and business organizations to find opportunities for YCPA to promote the interests of young professionals. We will create dialogues to continue building bridges between various parties of our community and establish long term relationships between the YCPA and other organizations that share the same objectives and mission.

Finally, to power our ambitions for the YCPA, we will equip the organization with a robust governance and financial management structure, beginning with the recruitment of a strong base of volunteers to solidify our succession. The Board will undertake reflections on the YCPA's strategy, vision, and orientations to ensure our current and future objectives are aligned with the best interests of the YCPA. We will increase the role of the committees of the Board and promote their participation in the decision-making process of the Board.

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