Hi, we’re Fizz.

Looking for a game-changing provider? You’re in the right place. Take our mobile plans for instance – any unused data you have left automatically rolls over to the next month so you can use it, not lose it1.

Exclusive rewards to welcome you 

At Fizz, we reward all our members. Activate your first Fizz plan with the referral code YCPA1 and these exclusive treats will be yours2,3:

•    A $25 bonus 
•    10 GB of free mobile data 
•    A free month of Internet

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The top-3 reasons for joining Fizz.

1. Efficiency and flexibility.

From adding a plan to your account to changing it, everything is easily done online, making you the chief operating officer of your Fizz account. Simply log in and voilà.4 

Understand the flexibility


2. A (very) rewarding loyalty program.

As soon as you set foot in the Fizz community, our loyalty program My Rewards steps in with access to free mobile data and dollar discounts.2 Plus, the more you stay, the less you pay. Now who wouldn’t like that?

The rewards


3. No price hikes.

Yes, that’s right. The price of your plan will never go up. If your plan and its price suit you well, they’re yours until you decide to make a change.5 Fair and simple, just like it always is with Fizz. 

How that works


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

1. Where can I buy a Fizz SIM card?

Order your SIM card online and have it delivered at home or at work. Or swing by a participating store. 
Where to buy a SIM card


2. Can I share the exclusive code YCPA1 with friends and family who are not YCPA members?

Of course – spread the word and share the code. We’ll be happy to welcome them in the Fizz community, and with the YCPA1 code they’ll be eligible to the same exclusive treats as you.2,3


3. More questions?

Online support is available 24/7. Use our chat channel to reach an agent or message us using Messenger. 
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Fizz members are also very keen in helping one another. Visit the forum to swap tips with the community. 
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Terms and conditions for our different programs and policies apply. Details at Fizz.ca.

(1) During a payment cycle, the unused data from your mobile plan can be used within the two months following the end of that cycle. This excludes Add-Ons, gifted data and rewards included in the My Rewards program (without exception). You must have an active plan to use rolled over data. 
(2) An active Fizz account is required. My Rewards perks are not redeemable for cash and cannot be transferred. The conditions of the My Rewards program apply. 
(3) 10 GB of mobile data: Two (2) My Rewards perks of 5 GB each will be automatically deposited in your Fizz account within 60 days of the activation date of your plan. Once deposited, these My Rewards perks will be available for 60 days and must be activated before they expire. Once a perk is activated on your plan, you will have 30 days to use it. One (1) month of free Internet: Your free month (up to $100) will be given in the form of a My Rewards perk. This perk will be available for 60 days from the date of deposit and must be activated on your new Home Internet plan in your Fizz account before it expires. Once activated on your plan, the free month will be applied automatically come your next payment. If the total credit offered exceeds the amount of your payment, the residual amount will not be rolled over to the next month. It’ll simply be lost. $25 bonus: This offer is only available for new Fizz members. The referral bonus will be applied towards the monthly payment of their plan when the member has accumulated two months of service. Non-refundable, non-transferable, and subject to change without notice. Certain conditions apply. Details at Fizz.ca. 
(4) Any changes to your plan must be made outside of the freeze period and in accordance with the plan change policy. Offers are subject to change without notice and Fizz cannot guarantee that the plan you are enjoying now will be available or offered under the same conditions in the future. 
(5) The monthly price of your plan will remain unchanged unless you change your plan in your account and/or a price increase applicable to all members comes into effect, which would be communicated to you by email at least thirty (30) days in advance for a mobile plan and sixty (60) days for a Home Internet plan.