About Us

About Us

Our vision at YCPA is threefold: to unite, to empower and to propel young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs.

We foster networks and create opportunities to connect, train and equip our members with the tools to exceed their potential and become today’s leaders. With a diverse pool of talent across a range of exciting fields, we mobilize individuals to break new grounds and dynamically contribute to Canada’s economic and social growth.

By becoming the active, uniting voice for the Asian community, we facilitate global partnerships to create an international business platform between Canada and China. As a proud member of the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ), we promote exciting opportunities for our members to bring new products, services and ideas to the forefront. In doing so, we are supported by a portfolio of prestigious public, private and not-for- profit organizations from one side of the Pacific to the other.

As a community-based association, YCPA also works hard to bring awareness to a number of humanitarian and social causes. We draw on resources to support key initiatives led by organizations such as Project Hope China, the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, Jiu Ding Club, Montreal Chinese Cultural Center and the Children’s Wish Foundation.

By recognizing the importance of giving back and promoting collaborative, community engagement, we empower our members and build capacity through the exchange of knowledge. Coupled with a series of workshops, conferences and mentoring programs designed to develop effective skills and competencies; we propel our members to the next level in their career.