Each year, during the Asian Heritage Month, we hold our annual traditional Orchid Ball to highlight the Asian heritage, the beauty of Asian culture, and its members’ contribution to Quebec’s and Canadian societies. It is a signature event for the Asian community in the province of Quebec. 


In 2023, the theme for our ball is “Pave the Way”. The first waves of Asian immigration to Canada date back to the late 19th century. Over the past two centuries, our community's predecessors have contributed to Canada's history and identity and, little by little, have paved the way for future generations. They held the belief that their descendants would live up to their full potential in Canada. It is because of their perseverance that today, Asians are able to hold positions of influence and inspire young professionals of Asian descent to perform to their full potential. This year’s Orchid Ball will not only celebrate these pioneers who have paved the way for us, but also those of tomorrow who will build their own, inspiring the next generation of the Asian Canadian community.


Below is a highlight video of our last Orchid Ball's! We hope to see you next year. 

Many thanks to our sponsors for their support and contribution, without whom YCPA would not be able to offer its members and guests such a memorable networking opportunity.

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