Board of Directors

Fang Fei (Vivy) Guo

Director of Finance

My name is Fang Fei (Vivy) Guo. It is an honour to present my candidacy to be an administrator on the board of directors of YCPA. 

I studied in occupational therapy and then in finance in the continuing education program at McGill. Having worked in the health care system for 6.5 years, I’ve developed  empathy, patience and responsibility towards people.

These are still my best assets when I help clients who want to have a commercial loan at Desjardins.
People are questioning about my career change, and I just tell them that we should never put a frame on life and let fear limit ourselves. I’d like to help more young professionals to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. If you ever have any questions regarding my career change, please don’t feel shy to say “hi" to me on Linkedlin.  

Through the years of being a professional, I think I know our needs best. We would like to connect with each other, succeed in our workplace, have a voice in our society or just simply enjoy life. By joining the YCPA, I would like to contribute, but not limited to the following: 

  • Include interactive fun activities in networking events to easily break ice for young professionals. 
  • Encourage participation of young professionals in the YCPA by demanding their input on types of events that they would like the YCPA to host. 
  • Continue the tradition of success of the YCPA by assisting in its organization of existing events.  
  • Incorporate inclusivity by organizing activities that target different groups of young professionals including recent graduates, undergraduates, other young professionals. 
  • Improve wellness of young professionals by organizing events that address their well-being, provide them strategies to better achieve life-work balance. 

Thank you and see you soon!

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