YCPA Culinary - Fried Rice Tasting

Jul 19, 2023

Location Siam1325, Boulevard René-Lévesque OuestMontréal, H3G 0A2

Come celebrate summer with our fried rice tasting event! YCPA has partnered up with Siam to offer a fried rice tasting menu with 4 different variations and a mocktail.

This is a lovely opportunity to connect with new people over a feast of flavours and to discover a new restaurant for the foodie within you! 

YCPA Culinary - Fried Rice Tasting

Unleash your taste buds and embark on a flavorful journey at our Rice-Tasting event, brought to you by YCPA in collaboration with Siam Restaurant. Do not miss out on the unique opportunity to connect and cultivate relationships all while indulging in the flavors that Siam has to offer. 

On the menu, 4 different sort of fried rice with a mocktail. 

- Kai Yang (southern Thai roasted chicken with salt and pepper fried rice)
- Khao Kluk Kapi Shrimp
- Basil Fried Rice with Pan-seared Salmon and Nam Jhim Sauce.
- Duck Confit with Pad Prik Pao Fried Rice 

The event will be held on July 19th, 2023 from 6:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm at Siam Thai Restaurant Montreal. 

Reserve your spots to embark on a culinary adventure that promises to be a feast for the senses.

There are no available places for this event.