YCPA Candidates 2021-2022

Dear members of the YCPA,

My name is Caroline Weng and I am running to be part of the board of directors for the 2021- 2022 mandate.

Prior to entering the labour market, I served as a Vice-President of events at the Concordia Canadian Asian Society (CCAS). This association allowed Asian students from different majors to gather together and create new connections.

Through my leadership and interpersonal skills, I collaborated with the McGill and UQAM campuses to empower the Asian community by gathering the Asian students altogether. Moreover, I had the opportunity to be also involved in other young professional networking events from the John Molson School of Business (JMSB), McGill and other universities. All of these allowed me to meet students, young professionals and managers of different backgrounds. It also allowed me to understand and appreciate their perspective on the benefits and issues on being part of the job market and gain valuable insights into compromise and problem solving.

Since 2017, I have been a proud member of the YCPA, I have also had the opportunity to be actively involved in multiple events such as the Annual Orchid Ball, the Tax Clinic, the Montreal Chinese Hospital Gala, the YCPActive and to 2020’s addition, the YCPMag. I enjoy being constantly engaged in many projects and hope to continue contributing to the Asian Community’ development through YCPA.

As a young Chinese professional who enjoys taking on challenges, I am now looking to take part in an organization which aims to focus on the growth of young Asian professionals. The YCPA not only offers this opportunity, but also pushes the board members to exceed their potential. With my few years of experience in the job market in Finance, Accounting and Tax, I would be happy to be able to deploy my full capabilities on the Board.

I also believe that in order to unite, empower and propel the young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs, it is important to give back to the community in partaking humanitarian causes events and helping each and another by sharing our knowledge through our own stories, experiences and hits and misses. I am eager to get to know all of you and develop a long-lasting relationship as young professionals during the next 2 years. I am constantly striving to help those around me, and if elected I promise to devote my energy on representing all the members at my utmost capabilities and to always unite, empower and propel the young Asian professionals & entrepreneurs. I look forward to the prospect of working on the board and being part of one of the best Asian community-based association.


Caroline Weng

I am a lawyer at Fasken, a leading Canadian full-service law firm. I graduated from the University of Montreal in 2016 and I was called to the Bar of Quebec in 2018.

In September 2019, I was honored to be selected as interim director to fill out a vacancy on the Board of Directors of YPCA. Prior to that, I was a member of the 2019 Orchid Ball Committee.

Since then, I have assumed the position of Secretary of YPCA, which gave me an in-depth understanding of the structure of the organization along with the rationale of its longstanding programs and activities such as YCPActive and the TIP Program. I have witnessed the creation of many new projects, such as the Culinary Experience and the Virtual Training programs. My mandate has brought me to engage in subsidy applications for YCPA, a task that I took on wholeheartedly, and which resulted in YCPA receiving the resources it deserves to fully service its members for the next upcoming year.

In addition to assuming my ongoing responsibilities as a board member, my commitment to the mission of YCPA to Unite, Empower and Propel young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs will be focused on three pillars:

The creation of a full-time position to support the operational role of our volunteers who work tirelessly to provide networking events and activities uniting our members. The number and variety of our events have increased over the years and, in order to adequately answers the needs of our members, such resource is required.

The strengthening of YPCA’s voice and position to act as leader in bringing much-needed change in our society’s perception of the Asian community. The challenges we faced and continue to face during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought racism and stigmatisation issues to the forefront. Moving forward, empowering young professionals and entrepreneurs will come hand in hand with an active promotion of diversity in all spheres of our lives, in social, economical and political contexts. YCPA’s role in the upcoming years is key to the development of an open and tolerant multicultural community.

The growth of activities under the Leadership Committee to increase YPCA’s role in the training and development of young professionals. The Leadership Committee of YPCA oversees the TIP Program, trainings and workshops, both virtual and in-person, as well as its Mentorship Program. My objective in the upcoming two years is to establish a recurring curriculum of trainings and workshops for all members based on the contemporary needs of young professionals, stemming from wellness topics to industry-based skill acquisitions.

As my interim mandate comes to an end, I wish more than ever to continue to serve the interest of our members. This past mandate was not only exceptional in terms of the number of projects carried by YCPA, but also the challenges we faced during this COVID‑19 pandemic. I look forward to the development of our organization in the upcoming years and I aspire be part of it.

I hope to have earned your trust and your vote.

Felicia Jin

Dear YCPA members,

My name is Handsun Xiao and I am a family medicine resident at St-Mary’s Hospital. Through this letter, I am announcing my candidacy for a two-year mandate on YCPA’s board of directors.

I attended my first YCPA cocktail event in December of 2018. That night, I met fascinating individuals who shared profound insights on what the Asian community can achieve and the ways to go about it. In subsequent events, this pattern repeated itself, enticing me to return again and again. I eventually joined the 2019 Orchid Ball volunteer team as a performer. It was inspiring to work with peers dedicated towards the goal of celebrating our community’s rich history and culture. As I witnessed the celebration being joyfully shared with people from diverse backgrounds, I was excited by the unity that YCPA had fostered.

I wish to encourage this unity by providing a fun and welcoming environment to all members. On top of actively seeking to bring new people to join us, I want to participate in organizing a whole variety of regular YCPActive events. My experience as a hockey coach and as a day camp supervisor both showed me how a group that moves, laughs and plays together instinctively becomes closer. I remember fondly the Yoga and Golf activities as days where I got to know new people in a relaxed setting. Anything that accomplishes this is worth trying out, so I am eager to hear what your hobbies are and to plan a day for them. Personally, I’m a big fan of rock-climbing, hiking, and Bixi’ing around the city.

Through this atmosphere of conviviality, I also hope to help YCPA continue effecting positive change in society. Indeed, I believe that true empowerment emanates from our empowerment of others. With initiatives such as the yearly tax clinic and with its important support for the Goodman Cancer Research Center, YCPA’s philanthropic endeavours help its own members realize their collective strength.

What societal problems do you hold dear?

Through open conversations, I hope to work with you to pinpoint issues and coordinate our efforts with the relevant community-based organisations towards tackling said issues. For me, the social isolation of a growing number of vulnerable elderlies is worrying. Having volunteered at the Service à la Famille Chinoise du Grand Montréal, I know that they have formed deep ties with the community and I would love to discuss with them how we could put to use a group of capable young professionals.

When I completed an elective at a community hospital in Hangzhou, I noticed that primary care doctors who became leaders in their community earned that responsibility by being genuinely caring about the people they served. This requirement to empathize with the challenges that patients and their communities face motivates me to meet new people and learn how to understand their situation. Should I be granted the privilege of serving on the board of directors, I will transfer this growing quality to each of my interactions with YCPA’s entrepreneurial and industrious members. Together, we can explore what your needs are, connect you with the right people, and propel forward your dreams and ambitions.

Thank you very much for your consideration of my candidacy.

Handsun Xiao


Julie currently holds the position of BI specialist within the procurement team at GardaWorld. She worked for many years at Bombardier in Supply chain previously and is now pursuing her Master’s degree in Business Intelligence.

In 2014, Julie joined YCPA as a volunteer and established great connections with the members. She then managed the membership team and has become a team lead for the popular annual event Orchid Ball. In 2020, she was elected to join the board of directors and was thrilled by the experience. The highlight of her experience was being part of the communication team and publishing editions of YCPAmag.

Originally from Vietnam, Julie is a proud Canadian who loves opportunities to give back to her community. She volunteers in her free time and is actively involved in many charitable organizations. She did an internship in Poland for the Happy Kids foundation. She is also an advocate for Amnesty International, United nation of Canada and Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal. She has volunteered for the Montreal Chinese Hospital as well as many other events in the Vietnamese community.

How do you believe you will contribute to unite, empower and propel our members?

I want to share reflections on how I came to be a supporter of YCPA and why this community holds a special place in my heart. I’ve joined since I was a student and I’m thankful to have met people from various backgrounds.

YCPA has a strong professional network and strives to create more opportunities for our members. During these challenging times, I want to be available for our members and assist whenever it's possible. I believe that teamwork is the key and will seek to find strength in each person, so that collectively, we stand strong. I will show support and reassure our members as we are starting to do more virtual activities. It will be a complete new era.

On a positive note, I believe that any situation which is uncomfortable will make us grow stronger. I praise the hard work provided by our Asian members who gave a helping hand and may we make the best out of this year.”

Stay healthy and strong, be compassionate and kind.

Julie Nguyen

YCPA is an organization of high caliber with values supporting our Asian community and relationship building attributes and I believe that these values harmonize well with my development goals and objectives.

After getting my degree in Finance from Concordia University, my career has been focused in the financial services industry. Having the skills of a financial security advisor and business development specialist, I gained a lot of experience with clients and am recognized for my enthusiasm and my ability to develop relationships with others. I maintain the highest standard of care for my clients and strives to offer the best service to inspire them to make smarts financial decisions.

Furthermore, due to my role as a current director on the board of YCPA, I understand the importance of empowering and helping to propel young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs. I was lucky to be part of the organizing committee of YCPA’s Orchid Ball and part of the majority of the event planning of all networking events during the current mandate; YCPA’s Christmas cocktail, Chinese New Year cocktail, Cocktail with BMO’s Claude Gagnon, Orchid Ball launch and many more events. I was also able to be involved in many aspects internally and learned a lot; from communication with our members, sponsorships to organizing workshops and mentoring programs. I now understand more in depth all the tasks and processes of the organization and would love to continue to help foster networks, create opportunities to connect our members and bring awareness to social causes impacting our community.

I was also able to follow the course: ‘’Administrateur de la relève’’ which helps develop a network of expertise and enable knowledge sharing in governance. With all these tools and knowledge, I really believe that I will continue to contribute to unite, empower and propel our members to the next level by building strong relationship. From networking in a big crowd to having meetings one on one, I can connect to people. This can lead to great partnerships opportunities, sponsorship opportunities and increase our number in memberships.
For leisure, I have been a Latin Ballroom dancer since the age of 11 and has competed in multiple international competitions and was semi-finalist on CityTV's televised series, Canada's Got Talent. With my experience with the medias, I can be a good representative to discuss any important topics with 3rd parties and can also leverage my social media skills to continue to promote YCPA’s mission and vision.

The possibility of continuing to work with YCPA would be an opportunity not to be missed. This position would allow me to enhance my abilities and would also let me participate in the growth of an amazing community like ours in Montreal. I am aware of the excellent reputation of YCPA and it would be an honor to stay within this amazing association.

Karen Chang

Aux membres du YCPA,

Je me présente, Martin Gallet, comme souhaitant renouveler mon mandat du YCPA en tant que membre et trésorier du Conseil d’Administration.

Cette motivation est dû par ma volonté de continuer à promouvoir cette jeune chambre et de surtout participer à son lancement post-COVID. En effet, je suis très confiant que le YCPA se renouvèlera en grande force mais que la gestion avant son lancement demandera une attention plus accrue étant donné le manque de profit dû à l’annulation du dernier bal. Je pense conserver le rôle de trésorier étant donné mes 2 années d’expériences qui ont été concluantes notamment grâce à l’équipe actuelle qui a généré des résultats excédentaires pré-COVID.

D’un autre côté, je veux continuer à faire évoluer le Conseil en innovant dans l’optimisation de la gestion. J’ai déjà fait mes preuves en ayant mis en place Google Data Studio permettant d’obtenir un graphique de rendement des billets en temps réel avant les évènements selon le type d’achat (membre, non membre, invités, etc.) avec l’objectif à atteindre. Cela permettait également d’annoncer la rentabilité en direct car je pense que de montrer la conséquence financière actuelle de l’évènement était un moyen efficace d’augmenter la motivation de la vente de billet.

Cet outil s’est par la suite développé pour être connecté au point de vente lors de l’évènement me donnant en direct sur mon téléphone le montant en argent de la petite caisse, permettant une conciliation rapide de celle-ci à la fin de l’évènement. J’ai également créé les premiers comptes comptables numérotés ainsi que le premier état financier officiel du Conseil pour la banque que j’essaye présentement d’automatiser pour les prochaines années et pour avoir des états financiers trimestriels. J’ai également recréé plusieurs nouveaux designs de factures clients que j’ai présenté au comité exécutif pour en sélectionner une.

Pour le futur, je souhaite optimiser la gestion financière de façon plus importante grâce à notre nouveau site Internet Yapla qui pour l’instant, démontre beaucoup plus de potentiel que notre ancien site. Mes plans futurs si je reste seraient aussi de créer un comité finance pour permettre de prendre plus de recul sur la gestion et de me concentrer sur les analyses et la création de nouvelles solutions.

Ainsi, je vois toujours un potentiel d’innovation de gestion importante dans le Conseil. Pouvoir faire grandir ce Conseil me donne beaucoup de plaisir et je souhaite encore y participer en appliquant pour le prochain mandat.

Dans l’espoir d’une réponse favorable, veuillez agréer, membres du YCPA, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.

Martin Gallet, CPA, CFE


Dear YCPA members,

For the upcoming years, I wish to be re-elected to the board of directors of the Young Chinese Professional Association. I strongly believe my personal skills and my experiences will be fundamental assets to the association, as well as to the Asian community as a whole.

The YCPA is a non-profit organization which creates networks and opportunities for people to connect. Its vision is to unite, empower, and propel young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs into the workforce. Therefore, I gratefully joined the board in mid-2019, where the association organized multiple events such as YCPA active, the Leadership experience, the culinary experience, several different junctions to unite, the Orchid Ball and so forth. During my last year on the board, I gained a deeper understanding of its culture, the needed team work, the relationships between members, and the required time spent on conceiving every event. I am confident my personality and my ambition will continue to support this great organization. Concerning last year’s mandate, my talent contributed to the sub-committee for the leadership program, the organization of the Talent Incubator Program and Webinars, along with the 2020 Orchid Ball. Moreover, besides the creation of such events, my support never faded for colleagues and their creations throughout this difficult time.

As for my professional career, I’ve worked in the financial industry for almost ten years now. And for the last seven years, I have mostly been involved with the Chinese community. I’ve helped individuals, families, and businesses achieve their long-term financial goals, all while delivering assiduous financial advice based on diverse situations. I am able to communicate in French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin, having helped hundreds of newcomer immigrants facing language barriers in Canada. I am confident that my experience is a great asset to the board, as I am presently a Financial Planning Consultant for the Asian Market in Quebec and the Maritimes for one of the Big Five banks in Canada. I am positive my knowledge, networking skills, supportive teamwork, and character will make a difference within the YCPA.

In conclusion, I hope to get your support as I want the opportunity to support our Asian Community in Montreal, to grow our association furthermore, and to encourage more people to join our organization. Welcoming diversity and multiculturalism, encouraging Asian people to speak up, and supporting young professionals to grow is the most efficient way to support Asian entrepreneurs for their businesses in Montreal, and I will continue do to so for years to come.

Sum Li

Dear members of YCPA,

My name is Shuya Zhai, I’m a Supply Chain Manager at Aldo group, where am the key leader to manage and develop the operational processes and team to achieve the department goals. Vocabulary like motivating, busy and challenging defines the style of my daily life.

In the past, I have volunteered a wide variety of YCPA’s events, where it helped me to understand the meaning for the vision of YCPA, that is to unite, to empower and to propel young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs. By giving the opportunity for being the Director on the board of the YCPA, it will allow me to actively be involved in translate and promote the vision of YCPA to the members and non-members who attends the events.

How to contribute to the community and ensure that its fully aligned with the vision of YCPA?

I am willing to take on the lead in organizing the social cocktail events (semi-annual cocktail events, homecoming cocktail events, Christmas cocktail events….), in order to create bridges to connect like-minded individuals or ‘new’ opportunities among the members, thus this is way ‘to unite’ the voice of Asian community, and to facilitate global partnerships to create an international business platform between Canada and China. In addition, I am eagerly to be more involved in organizing the upcoming inter-chamber cocktail events (co-joint with RJCCQ), which I believe is a great platform to promote exciting opportunities for the members to bring new products, services and ideas to the forefront. Through those workshops and events, that is to promoting collaborative and community engagement, it helps to empower our members and build capacity through the courses of ‘social mingling’. Furthermore, being more involved in setting up workshops, mentoring programs, this is the effective way to providing our member the right tools or the right skill sets, to propel our members to reach their goals in their career path.

For being the director on the board of the YCPA, I am here to promote, support, create and organize ‘fun’ meaningful social network events that is fully aligned with the vision of YCPA.

In addition, to promise you the experience likewise of ‘Aladdin’s carpet’ – the whole new world.

Shuya Zhai

J’ai obtenu mon titre comptable professionnelle agréée à l’automne 2015, j’ai commencé mon parcours professionnel en services d’audit et de certification chez PricewaterhouseCoopers (« PwC »).

Après avoir complété une maîtrise en fiscalité en 2019, j’ai transféré en services fiscaux. Mon équipe fournit des conseils fiscaux à des sociétés privées, incluant des entreprises familiales et des entreprises en démarrage, afin de les aider à identifier les risques fiscaux, à gérer leur patrimoine et à planifier la relève de leur entreprise.

J’ai toujours été très impliquée dans la communauté et je cherche toujours à m’impliquer davantage. Le YCPA est la plateforme parfaite à partager et à se connecter. J’ai eu la chance de travailler avec une équipe exceptionnelle durant mon mandat 2019-2020 au Conseil d’administration de YCPA. J’ai eu également la chance de participer à de nombreux événements comme étant une représentante de YCPA. Durant mon mandat, j’étais impliquée dans l’équipe des réseaux sociaux, plus spécifiquement comme éditrice principale dans la production du YCPMag. De plus, j’ai eu la chance de contribuer à la création d’une nouvelle initiative: Talent Incubator Program (« TIP ») qui vise à propulser les jeunes diplômés vers le monde des affaires et à unir les jeunes professionnels à partager leurs expériences. 

Les valeurs de YCPA en tant qu’association communautaire me tiennent à cœur. C’est en étant membre du conseil durant mon mandat 2019-2020 que j’ai découvert une passion de créer un impact positif dans la communauté. Il serait un grand plaisir de pourvoir me joindre encore une fois à l’équipe dynamique de YCPA et de continuer à propulser les jeunes professionnels et entrepreneurs asiatiques dans le monde des affaires. 

Mon objectif pour le mandat 2020-2021 est tout d’abord de continuer de participer au rayonnement de YCPA et de créer des opportunités pour connecter et collaborer davantage avec les professionnels dans les divers secteurs et organiser des évènements inspirants aux membres dans le but de former et équiper nos membres avec les outils pour dépasser leur potentiel.

Toutes les organisations sont impactées par la pandémie, l’équipe de la direction de YCPA va faire tout ce qui peut en son pouvoir pour poursuivre sa mission et réinventer la nouvelle réalité aux membres de YCPA.

Xuewan Zhang

Biography of Serena Zhang

Born in Shanghai and growing up in London, Ontario and Montreal, Serena is the Manager of Corporate Development and Public Relations at Brivia Group. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Cognitive Neuroscience and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing from McGill University. Fluent in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese, she attends many major cultural and business events of the Montreal Chinese community as their Master of Ceremonies.

Currently the Vice-President of YCPA, Serena has been involved with YCPA since 2015. Through her various roles with the Organization, she had developed a solid understanding of the member body, built a broad network in the community, as well as maintained an excellent inter-chamber relationship with various associations. As a driven and dedicated young professional, Serena also devotes her spare time to some non-for-profit organizations such as CHUM Foundation and Montreal Chines Hospital Foundation. 

Election Platform & Vision of the Presidency

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the President position at YCPA for the 2021 – 2022 mandate.  

Since its establishment in 1999, YCPA has been one of the few non-for-profit cultural and ethnic organizations that is recognized by all three levels of Government. Its mission is to unite, to empower and to propel young Asian professionals and entrepreneurs towards higher grounds for their careers and personal development. Due to the current unprecedent circumstances, there remains many uncertainties regarding our regular programs. I hope to work with the new Board of Directors to develop new revenue-generating strategies for a sustainable organization.

I would like to build our vision on the following groups:

  • The blood of YCPA – Members: I want to create more value for our members by emphasizing career and professional development. A new quarterly professional seminar program and offering job opportunities provided by our partners for our members are some of my envisioned implementations. 
  • Future of YCPA – Students: I would like to build a stronger tie with the student body by having Student Ambassadors from various colleges and universities in Quebec. I would like to provide our students with essential tools and train them to become leaders of tomorrow.
  • Builders of YCPA – Alumni: YCPA Alumni are the ones who paved the road for YCPA and are accountable for the achievements that YCPA has accomplished throughout the years. I would like to rebuild the connection with YCPA alumni by providing them the chance to guide motivated and aspiring young professionals.
  • Fuel of YCPA - Sponsors: Sponsorships from corporations and enterprises are a major source of revenue for YCPA. The financial support from our generous sponsors allows YCPA to develop new programs and sustain ongoing projects. I will reinforce transparent communication and relationship building with existing sponsors while developing new partnerships.

In addition, I would like to strengthen the image of YCPA as the main representative of the Asian community in Quebec before various levels of government by developing and expanding government relations, inter-chamber relations and community relations. YCPA will continue to work with other organizations and act as the liaison between the Government and the member body to push forward various governmental programs that will be beneficial for our members during these challenging times. 

I will strive to act for the betterment of YCPA, to provide our members with essential resources through various programs, to be responsible and creditable for our community and collaborating partners, and to build a sustainable organization for future generations.

Serena Zhang