YCPA is proud to present the launch of its Mentorship Program, which intends to bring together industry professionals and leaders from different fields in a structural setting.

As a mentor, the purpose is to guide young professionals in their career paths by giving them the opportunity to create relationships and to meet with fellow colleagues. These connections stimulate the development and sharing of knowledge, of best practices, and of advices.

Mentees will have the chance to listen to unique and inspiring stories from seniors in their respective fields, broaden their perspectives and gain insight from one-on-one knowledge sharing.

The program not only aims to help our mentees to develop key talent through career development, learning, and education, but also to build a strong network and professional relationships.

Being a mentor at YCPA offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of being a mentor:

1. Personal growth: Mentoring provides an opportunity for personal development and growth. It allows mentors to reflect on their own experiences, knowledge, and skills, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and their strengths.

2. Sharing expertise: As a mentor, you have the chance to share your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with others. This helps you reinforce and deepen your own understanding of the subject matter while helping others learn and grow.

3. Expanding networks: Mentoring often involves building new connections and expanding your professional network. Through mentoring relationships, mentors can meet new people, establish valuable contacts, and create opportunities for collaboration and career advancement.

4. Enhancing leadership skills: Mentoring provides an excellent platform to sharpen your leadership abilities. Mentoring requires effective communication, active listening, empathy, and the ability to guide and inspire others, all of which are essential leadership skills.

5. Free annual membership at YCPA!

Mentor’s Requirements - It’s easy as 3-2-1!

3 Mentees
- As a mentor, your commitment involves being matched with a minimum of three mentees throughout the year.
2 One-hour session
- It is expected that you will provide a minimum of two one-hour sessions for each mentee. The first session will be dedicated to setting goals, while the second session will serve as a follow-up to assess progress.
- Fulfilling these mentoring sessions is a requirement for mentors, ensuring regular engagement and effective tracking of your mentees' development.
1 Success
- Share your journey to help someone else flourish in their achievements.