Board of Directors

Handsun Xiao

Director of YCPActive

I am happy to be a board member for a second mandate on the Young Chinese Professionals Association’s (YCPA) board of directors. I strongly believe that my previous mandate proved I have the necessary competencies to fulfill this responsibility.

I attended my first YCPA cocktail event in 2018. After attending many other networking events, I joined the 2019 Orchid Ball volunteer team as a performer, experiencing first-hand what happened behind the scenes. Wanting to get involved even more, I had the privilege of joining the board in 2021. Over the past year, it’s been truly inspiring to work with peers dedicated towards the goal of celebrating our community’s rich history and culture.

As VP of YCPActive, I helped organize the YCPA on Ice and YCPA Volleyball & BBQ events. For the first skating event, the feedback from the attendees was very positive and many newcomers would later become volunteers for the Orchid Ball. I then helped in the training and coordination of thirty volunteers, many of whom continue their involvement with our Association. To thank them, we provided them and their friends a fun time on a hot day at Parc Jeanne Mance.

Outside of these duties, I aided to the best of my abilities my fellow board members for all our events, as they did for me. Whether it be through social media promotion, providing manpower, or offering encouragement, we supported each other.

As before, I hope to encourage this unity by providing a fun and welcoming environment to all members. My experience as a hockey coach and as a day camp supervisor both showed me how a group that moves, laughs, and plays together instinctively becomes closer. 

Additionally, we on the board had noticed a growing number of healthcare professionals among our members. As a family physician myself, I hope to empower you in your chosen domain by pooling all our experience and ideas. Together, we can explore what your interests are, connect you with the right people, and propel forward your dreams and ambitions.



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